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What does boat insurance cover?

A boat insurance policy will typically include:

Liability Coverage

This protects you in the event you cause damage or bodily harm to another party while using your boat. This includes things like damage to another boat or dock, or an injured party’s medical bills.

Collision Coverage

This pays to replace or repair your boat in the event that it is damaged while in use. This includes things like running into another boat or submerged object.

Comprehensive Coverage

This pays to replace or repair your boat in the event that it is damaged in an event other than a collision. This includes things like weather damage, theft, or vandalism.

Fishing Equipment

Covers lost or stolen fishing equipment, like rods, reels, and more.

On-Water Towing

Covers the cost to tow your boat back to shore, if it becomes disabled on the water.

Medical Payments

Covers minor medical bills for guests that are injured on your boat.

Additional Coverage

There are several additional coverage options like roadside assistance, medical payments, and more that should be discussed before choosing a policy.


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