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What does business insurance cover?

The coverage needed in a commercial insurance policy varies greatly from industry to industry and business to business. Some common types of coverage include:

General Liability Insurance

Protects a company from loss or injury to other people. This includes a customer who is injured on your premises as well as judgement or settlement expenses.

Property Insurance

This protects commercial property and buildings from loss due to weather, fire, and many more causes.

Commercial Auto Insurance

This covers commercial vehicles used for business purposes, which isn’t covered on a personal auto policy.

Workers Compensation Insurance

This covers employees if they are injured while working.

Product Liability Insurance

This protects against damage or injury arising from faulty products.

Professional Liability Insurance

This protects against loss arising from negligence leading to a person’s injury or loss. This includes things like malpractice insurance or errors & omissions insurance.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

This provides additional liability protection that picks up where your underlying insurance stops.

Additional Coverage

Every business is unique and requires different coverage. Working with an experienced insurance professional is a must before choosing an insurance package for your business.


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